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Matthew Yount
For the money use it as its intended an its fine.

Used this on a kayaking trip. Light an easy to set up. The only down side is if the ground is soft it sinks like a rock. Carry some small thin wood blocks an its fine. Keep in mind im 6ft 220 but my 145 buddy had the same sinking problem. (The kid in the photo is my nephew hehe)

Jason W
Worth it

After hiking 13 miles and setting up camp, it was awesome seeing my travel commissions faced when I pulled out my chair. The confusion on their faces as I removed the small bag from my backpack. They were busily findings rocks or reading their site bodies onto the ground. No, not it. With ease and simplicity, my chair was assembled in just a few minutes. Well worth the couple of pounds it added. I was not sure if this brand at first and looking at a more expensive will know brand. After my experience, I would purchase again. My travel companions will be purchasing before next time.

Lisa Mandarich

This chair was perfect for the concert we went to with lawn seating. It is so lightweight you don't even realize you are carrying it.. my purse weighs more than this! It sets up and folds away easily with no fuss. I would highly recommend this chair.. it is ideal for many situations!

Anna C. Deutsch
Best purchase!!!!

I love absolutely everything about this chair. So light and compact and easy to set up. I love the color and the side pocket too. Also it is way more comfortable than I was expecting!!!! Worth every penny!!!

Good Quality Comfortable Chair

Good quality, comfortable and lightweight chair! Very happy, used at outdoor music festival. Goes together pretty easily, it's important to know the logo is on the side of the chair not the top, makes the first time you assemble it easier if you know that. Chair kind of hugs you when seated, it's in a bit of a reclining position. Very sturdy well worth the money! Highly recommend. No one paid me nor did I get anything for free or discounted for this review. I just bought it.

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