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A. J. Bertine
Really nice quality.

Was super quick and easy to install, very easy to use, water tastes good (as water goes, I am not a water fan which is why I got this to help). I especially love the spray outlets. It has increased the water pressure of my faucet and makes it easier to wash dishes, a nice bonus.

Lior N.
Big different with this system!

bought this after my last water faucet filter system was damaged, i can tell you that i really can feel the water taste before and after i installed this system, really like it and recommended it .

Stephen M.
It had the good and the bad but no ugly

We loved how easy it was to install. The water tasted great. Only thing was that it started to leak around the on/off valve after about six months. A new one was about the same price as a new filter. But it is still the best we have ever tried out of about four different manufacturers.

Jeremy Cutter
Made my water taste good

This is the first time I used a faucet mount filter. I used a Britta pitcher before. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. It was very easy to install and it really works. I did a taste test. I filled a glass with tap water (our tap water tastes terrible) and a glass of filtered water. What a difference! The filtered water actually tasted good. Better than the Britta pitcher. Having the filter connected to the faucet is a little clunky but well worth it.

Awesome faucet and filter

I really like this faucet because it gives way more pressure that the other brands that I purchased. Also makes the water taste cleaner compared to the other brands. Highly recommend this faucet

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