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super happy

I had tea staining on my teeth and I'm a smoker it instantly removed my tea stains making it easier for me to smile I'm super happy with this!!


I have a recurring coffee spot on one tooth in particular that's always a hassle- seems only the dentist can get it off. Any kind of toothpaste wouldnt do it, whitening strips and washes wouldnt do it. This little thing did the trick in minutes! I'm so estatic. Definitely worth it.

Kelly from NJ
Bye bye stains!

I never thought I could be so excited about a tooth stain remover, but I am! I am in final stages of Invisalign after a year of using trays. In the past 9 months or so, I find my teeth are staining very easily regardless of having above normal oral hygiene (according to my dentist). Certain spots on my teeth just keep building up stains within a week or two or getting polished and cleaned by the dentist and I couldn’t take it anymore. I took a chance on these based on other reviews and I am glad I did. It’s amazing! It’s like you’re erasing the stains away. I followed with some Dental grade polish that I also bought and a battery operated round head toothbrush. Then brushed, used listerine and OMG, it’s like I just left the dentist. I feel so excited knowing I can do this every few weeks in between professional cleanings. It gives me my confidence back when I smile! Great product, highly recommended.


UNBELIEVABLE. I was hesitant at first but for the money it didn't hurt to try. Wish i discovered this a long time ago! Took stains off that one would think only a dentist could do. And having to wait 6 months for cleaning at the dental office was killing me. This tool is amazing.

Anna George
Great whitening!

My teeth are as white as ever after using this plaque removel! I've always heard good things about using charcoal for teeth whitening. I was a bit skeptical at first, but upon my first uses of this toothbrush, I can honestly say that I have whiter teeth. Great purchase for sure!

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