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Don't Forget to Buy Batteries

This is the second one I've purchased. How cool is it? Well, the first one brought "boyhood" traits back for an older man who'd never had such a toy. He showed his young nephew this dragon-like dinosaur, and the young one said, "I'll have that!" The steam really works. Cats don't really like this toy. But kids certainly do!! It's a bit frightening looking for some--but isn't that partially the point of a dinosaur?

Bob H
Very good purchase!!

This thing is far better than I ever expected. My son wanted this and I really was not expecting much of anything but I was extremely surprised at this. It’s a lot bigger than I thought and it really works well. Great buy and any kid would love this. If you’re on the fence, but it. Great value.

gilda janusz
Clever features

This is a Christmas gift for a 5 year old so I don't really know how it is. It looks fantastic and he picked it out of a catalog. So we'll see how it works-- it is a cool looking dragon, reasonably priced-- will let you know after Christmas!!

Great gift! Worked just like it says!

There are so many of these on the internet for all different prices! Not sure why! My 10 year old wanted to buy a gift for her cousin (7) This was a great price it works great and was definitely a crowd pleaser We had batteries in it and water in the little cavity and he was so excited to use it right away!

Ashley Jones
Good gift

Bought for my cousin's son at Christmas he is a toddler and loves it. Seems to work ok.

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