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giftable and kids are going crazy

i should buy one more for my friend's daughter. i thought this is toys for the boy but the fact im wrong.
the kids love it and going crazy. if you can see their happiness, you know which is priceless.
good for the gift. honestly im not sure how to control since i can 't never try it after open box. i only know the kids knows how to play with it!

so much fun

This little robot is fun to play with! I purchased this for my two boys, my older son likes to use the remote control rather than the gestures and my younger son is the other way around. He's got the hang of the gestures. Overall it's fun and entertaining for the kids - it does get a bit loud, but having them play in a different room solves that problem. Every charge lasts roughly an hour - so its efficient considering all the movement and activity.

It's cool enough a little pricey just not what I was expecting

I thought this did more than it does but still really cool it talks dances goes left right back n forth .Have not programmed yet not sure if that adds more features ..I thought this was the one that got up if it has a Chinese man's voice lol kinda odd

Great Fun, Holds Kids' Attention

This robot was given to a grandson for his birthday. Because the kid literally "has everything," we gave him a gift intended for 8 year olds -- he just turned two. The report from his parents is that he plays with it constantly, and has "taught" it to dance. His Mother confided that my son, the boy's father, plays with it as much as the recipient. Score!

Nice for a smaller child

My son enjoyed for 2 days. It's a gift that you have to ensure will keep there attention. It's not enough to hold his, but my nephews love playing with it when they are here so I'm happy with it.

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