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Brody D
Great purchase for traveling families/outdoorsy families!

I’m actually giving away my Lotus Portable crib because this is such an easier travelled and easier to setup/breakdown. Also we’ve already used at the beach/pool/hotel and both kids love it (2 1/2 yr old and 5 month old. Its light and fits pretty much in any suitcase or can be carried solo. I even put his pillow and blanket in the carrier

Great for travel!

Initially bought this to avoid using a 30+ year old pack n play while visiting the in-laws when baby was 6mo. Once he adjusted it worked wonderfully. We’ve since used it at home as well for a couple more vacations and love the portability of it.

Anna Olshansky
Great product!

This thing is awesome! So easy to set up and break down, super light weight and portable. We even started using it in place of a pack and play indoors and our daughter loves it so much. Great quality product and worth the price as it seems like it will last for years.

Amzn Cstmr
Love Joovy Products!

We got this to travel with our baby. We have several Joovy products and love the quality. We're going to use this as his sleep area in airports and when he needs naps while we're out and can't get to the hotel in time.
We bought the dark grey and it's nice and dark for sleep time but light enough to see inside.
The directions for putting it away are vague after a few steps and you have to figure it out. I've put it away 5 times and still have no idea how I did it!
Other than that, this thing is sturdy and a great travel companion for baby.
Highly recommend!

Extremely Lightweight & Portable

Right away I liked this because it is very lightweight, easy to carry, easy to assemble and breakdown. There are some design flaws such as the canopy and removable bassinet pad. The material of the pad is subpar very "shifty" if you know what I mean. I don't feel great about laying my newborn down on a pad like this. It has minimal filling and the material is not great. They should have put more quality work on this piece of the bassinet since it is important for babies to have a solid flat surface to lay on. But after removing the pad, the underneath itself if nicely padded so I figure I could just drape my own cloth over to compensate. I wish the canopy was more secure. There's a single piece of velcro that keeps it pulled back and the rest of the canopy doesn't seem to fully drape to fit all around the edge of the bassinet. The canopy arch is made of plastic and it came a bit skewed due to the way it was packed in the bag and I'm hoping it can correct itself overtime. Overall, this is decent travel bassinet that I am happy to take along when we travel or go to my in laws house which by the way has a lot of mosquitos in the summer time even with the air conditioning on. They have a habit of keeping a few windows open which gives the mosquitos opportunity to fly in. The fact that this bassinet comes with a mosquito net is a huge plus and some cute hanging toys for babies to gaze at.

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