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Simon S.
Unique lamp we like it

Very unique design and really like the warm white light. It’s not a big lamp but good for decoration and adding romantic atmosphere to the room. For the quality, bit cheap material for the price, but won’t be able to tell by looking it from distance. Overall, a good decorating lamp and I like it.

D. Pellegrini
Fun light - not very sturdy

This is an eclectic light - and a conversation starter. I am a design geek and quite like it. The top ball and string is always hanging. To turn the light on, you lift up the ball on the bottom string - and the two balls are magnetic - so it is held up by the top ball/string. The light gets accidentally turned on/off easily if you pull on the bottom string at all or drop the ball while attempting to connect them - it is twitchy. You may have to practice turning it on a little bit to avoid looking like an idiot.

We ordered the white one. It is a cheap feeling plastic, this the -1 star. Still cool, would buy again

Jerry Li
Great lamp! I don’t have to get up to ...

Great lamp! I don’t have to get up to turn off lights before going to bed. It’s pretty as it looks in the pictures, and used very smooth. The only thing is it’s usb cable, so it needs a socket. But that’s not a big problem. Lighting is very luminous, enough to see and play with ur phone haha. Overall, great product!

David M. Scott
The contemporary style and and white color fits my bedroom ...

The contemporary style and and white color fits my bedroom really well. The only downside is that my 1 year old son can't help exploring it before sleep :)

Conversation Piece

Perfect statement piece. Wife loves it. It's fun to see people try it out.

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