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By far the best gift I have ever purchased for a birthday present

By far the best gift I have ever purchased for a birthday present. My seven-year old has been obsessed with crane games for the past two years and was beyond excited to receive this.

The first one I purchased had to be exchanged due to a faulty claw, but this current one has worked fantastically and has lasted through so many different children using it.

The only downside is the slightly annoying music.

Megan Brown
Fun, but loud!

This is a super-cute little toy! It is decently priced for the product that is received. It is able to pick up very small and light candy and toys. It can grab 1" toy capsules. Mine is currently holding lollipops, small slow rise squish, gel squish and fidget toys. You cannot have very many prizes in the machine at one time. It makes them harder to grab.
You will not win a prize every time on this. So it does take some skill. We have designed many competitive games using this toy.
It has a timer of 1 minute per play. When you slip the "coin" in the slot, your time, and the music begins. You have to get your prize within the allowed time.
All of these features make the game really fun.
Now. I am not a parent. I am a teacher. So I know about repetition. The moment I coaxed this baby to life, the music was at a volume no human can endure. I turned to see my family, fingers in ears, carrying on with their business in the living room.
I tried setting it on a cushion, but it barely dulled the music to a tolerable level.
So, in order to prevent any potential angsty feelings, I unscrewed the bottom panel and cut the wires leading to the speaker. Instant relief.
So there is no more music, but it doesn't hurt my feelings. The toy gets more play this way. Some other reviewers have applied cardboard as a dampener, or used other methods to quiet the music. We use it TOO much to have the music going.
5 Stars for the fact that this toy is the number one focus in the lives of everyone in the house and all visitors!
As for the seller, the product was the exact condition described. Quick arrival. I might need to buy a couple more.

TD Taylor
Meticulous Assembly

After reading other reviews, I was SO WORRIED about this little machine working. But it was SO cute I decided to put my "big girl" pants to take the risk of buying it for my grandsons birthday.
I also meticulously followed other other reviews for installation.
OMG it performed like a champ and was hands down the hit of the party.
Seriously, buy treats that are about 1 inch and don't buy heavy treats. This little machine is built more for the "love of the hunt"
rather than the victory lap.
And be sure you know, the other reviews are completely correct about the music. It's LOUD and AWFUL and the kids are oblivious to it. However for all the fun and smiles it brought I'd say the groans from the adults were worth it.
All in all, I'm not sure our meticulousness in assembly was 100 percent the answer to our success (2 months of hard use) but we cannot account for any other reason, other than good luck.

Even Adult Kids Have Fun With This One Although The Music Could Drive You Nuts...!!! Should Come...

This was purchased as a gift for a young girl for was a bigger hit with the older kids as well as the adults! This has more control of the "claw" compared to the ones I experienced at the local fair when I was growing up. It uses "D" cell batteries (not supplied)...stock up for fun!
I had put a couple of dozen miniature candy bars in it as well as a "metal ring box" that contained a necklace, a cube puzzle about the size of a Rubik's cube but not as heavy, and a lot of small toys, rings, etc. One could put things in like a real carnival, like a roll of Life Savers with a $5 bill wrapped around it, or a watch, ink pens, etc. The only thing I didn't put in was the field corn kernels.
The Claw functions on a timer, and the "carnival" type music is pretty loud. As the time gets shorter, the music speeds up until the last few seconds. Then, it sounds like old comedy music until it stops. It uses plastic coins (supplied) to play, but the 2 youngest who played with this used a "credit card"...a flat piece of plastic that would fit into the coin slot...really ingenious kids for 3 & 5!
I've seen this advertised in a couple of different said age 5+, another said age 8+. Granted, as I bought this for a 5 year old, she seemed to lack the coordination to even get the candy out...a 13 year old had no problems getting the necklace out.
I "dampened" the music by putting single sided black foam tape over the speaker in three strips...more sound, remove one strip at a time.

M. Malafarina
Do you like the sound of a carnival? I really hope you do...

This is a fantastic product. It operates like a real claw machine and can move in almost any and every direction. My kids were playing with it for hours! It features a solid build quality and seems like it can take a beating.

Which is good because after hearing it's carnival themed music non-stop for said hours on end, I may test the build quality :). Seriously though, the music is maddeningly loud. It's almost like the Big Top was dropped in the front of my home and hasn't left.

Heed my warning- before the end of the day, you will pray for a swift end to this madness.

Until then, it's a great time!

Note to the builder for version 2 - include an off switch for the music.

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