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Rick Viray
my wife used my account, she loves the product but she did mention they raised their price

my wife loves this and she practiced on me...for a man, my eyes are lushish.( when was the last time your eyelashes tickled your eyelids. ) anyway, she is a repeat buyer

My stubborn straight lashes are no more!

I was in a time crunch to get my lashes permed before a vacation and none of the salons in my area were available for a lash lift, so I bought this instead and I am SO GLAD I DID! My eyelashes are stubbornly straight but they curled perfectly and have held up after washing and sleeping on them. So far I haven't experienced any irritation or side effects, the only downside was how time consuming it can be to try to get your lashes to stick to the rod. I highly recommend this product! I will provide an update on how long the perm lasts.

Great and affordable product

I have super straight Asian lashes that point down and barely hold a curl. If I want my lashes to stay curled using a curler I have to use waterproof mascara which is a pain to take off but regular mascara would just straighten them right back out. This set works great! I bought this set twice now and I get quite a few uses out of it. Saves me a lot of money compared to going somewhere else and getting it done. I do have to say I liked the glue in the older set better. This clear glue seems to take a lot longer to get tacky. This set gives me a great curl and I can go like 3 sometimes 4 weeks before I have to do it again. My lashes do grow fast so I’ll have some curled and some straight that’s why I have to do it so often. Overall great product if you are able to do this on your own but be careful using chemicals around your eyes. And make sure your lashes are straight when you glue them down bc they will set however you leave it so if there are any where kinks or waves it’ll show in the end.

Vianca Martinez
It Works! Just gotta get a hang of it.

It works! I lifted my lashes two months ago and they remain lifted like they were the first day I did it. You just gotta get a hang of it. One tip is to apply glue to only half of the mold IN FRONT, which is what professionals do anyway. Using the toothpick to adhere the lashes to the mold helps; I was not a fan of the tool the kit comes with. DEFINITELY cover it up with plastic wrap. If it didn't work the first time, I waited 48 hours to redo them. Good luck!

Time it based on your lashes

It definitely worked great but I would recommend going for 8-9 minuets so your lashes don’t become brittle. But if you don’t mind that extra lift go for it! Definitely use the nutrition in it afterwards for 2 days and then every other day. Would definitely use a different tacky lash glue or really make sure there is zero oil on ur eyelids when adhering the pads. :) good luck!

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