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Always Sunny
Easy to use - works great!

My mother gave me a Henkel knife set when I bought my first home almost 20 years ago, and though it came with a long sharpening rod that I used fairly regularly, I never sharpened them in any other way. So, it was not surprising that I was having trouble cutting tomatoes with the blades as they were. This knife sharpener was reasonably priced, small, and I liked the three step process. I sharpened all my knives (about 5) in less than 15 minutes, and they work great! They glide through tomatoes again!

Joshua Eye
I was a line cook for YEARS

I used to spend an 8 hour shift cutting food at a restaurant. I spent long days with a long knife in my hand. I have 2 nice knife sets at home that I sharpened up with this in like 30 mins. I had to warn everyone in the house that the knives were better than brand new because they were so sharp now. Wish I bought this sooner because I still cook everything from scratch.

A Man
Excellent sharpener for the price

I've tried many other sharpener before this one and I really wish I had bought this one sooner. It's very easy to hold and use and you can see the metal filings as you sharpen knives. All my knives are now back to their original sharpness, if not sharper, thanks to this sharpener. It has been an excellent addition to my kitchen, and for a great price too. Very glad I bought it. Highly recommend.

Works very well

Just for kicks I decided to take my old pocket knife and dull it on a rock before using this thing. It actually restored it to working order pretty fast, I only did 10 pulls through each slot to see how well it would perform. I took all of my kitchen knives to it, and it got them incredibly sharp real fast. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't work on serrated knives, which is a downer, but if you're looking to sharpen up standard kitchen knives this thing works wonders.

David Cooley
Works much better than I ever expected

When my wife got me this knife sharpener for Christmas I was a little skeptical because I've owned similar sharpeners before and they never really seemed to work. So to test it I pulled out one of our older knives that would barely serve as a butter knife. I made 5 passes on each stage and could immediately tell the difference. After a few more passes I was easily shaving the hair off my arm. By the time I was done 'testing' it, i had sharpened 10 or so kitchen knives that were dull and this sharpener within 5 to 15 passes had them all shaving sharp. Very impressed with this sharpener.

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