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We just LOVE this item! I would have gave it five stars excpt for the fact one tentical get's stuck every now and then in the bottom at the side! Other than that it's AWESOME!! It's QUIET, BEAUTIFUL and RELAXING!! Even though the one tentical gets stuck I'd still buy it again! It does get air bubbles at first but you can work them out no problem and once gone they're GONE until you clean it and refill it! It worked perfect for the first month after that is when the one tentical started catching! i have to open it every now and then to release the caught tentical. I just use a clean wood stick handle release the caught tentical.

Pokey and Samantha!

It’s beautiful! We followed directions exactly as listed in the instructions. It was easy and it works perfectly! We love looking at it. We named them Pokey and Samantha. I would gift this.

Sabrina Heischman

My mom wanted me to order this and SHE LOVESSS IT! It is gorgeous, mesmerizing, and relaxing to watch! Well worth the money!

Christopher T.
Good lamp

Lamp is just what I was expecting. Instructions was quick and easy. Be careful and use distilled water and add just the right amount of liquid dishwasher detergent soap. I accidently added a little too much of soap and in my tank it look like it was cloudy but it was just the soap mixed in with the water, it isn't too distracting but still noticeable when the lamp was on. I was concerned when first putting the jellyfish in the tank that the jellyfish would stay to the top of the tank but after ten minutes the jellyfish were moving everywhere in the tank. I used a chopstick to push the jellyfish down far into the tank so be sure to use something similar instead of using your hand, it's much easier. It's very cool and it looks just like real jellyfish. The only downside to this lamp is that it's a little pricey but still happy with my purchase. Would buy it again.

So after like a week, the soapy water that looked cloudy like I mentioned in my original post, has almost disappeared so the water is a lot clearer now and the jelly fish still move around nicely inside the tank! So it is not a need for concern if you accidentally add had a little too much soap.

It is a great conversation starter and has allowed me to re-direct some ...

I am a school secretary. I put this on my desk at work. Everyone loves it. It is a great conversation starter and has allowed me to re-direct some conversations with unhappy kiddos to a more positive flow

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