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Sharif S.
Very light weight hair dryer

First time buying ionic hair dryer, it’s for Mother’s Day 🎁. My mom loves using the new hair dryer. Light weight and dry hair in short time. Very low noise.

Erika D
Light and quiet hair dryer

My current dryer from the local drug store is about to give out, so I wanted to give this product a try. I have really long and thick hair. With this dryer it takes about 15 minutes to dry thoroughly. It also comes with accessories for different stylings. It’s very efficient and worth the price!

Nanci H

I like it very much. I have a lot of hair, so I have to blow it for a long time. My previous hair dryer will get hot when it is blown out. Sometimes the scalp will hurt, but it won’t happen. Of course you can’t keep blowing on your head. .

Martha S.
I love this great hairdryer!

This is a great hairdryer. It can keep the temperature constant, harmless to hair and scalp, giving your hair the best care. And it has hot and cold air two switch button, hot air is comfortable for winter, and cold air is comfortable for summer. So this is a professional and easy use hairdryer. I love it so much !

Sofia L.
Amazing quick hair dryer

I’m so glad to get this quick dry hair dryer finally. I compared the time needed to dry my hair (medium long), this one only take half of the time than my old one. The heat is not super hot to damage the hairs. I also like the straightening nozzle which can straighten the hairs during drying.

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