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Visitor from Another Galaxy? No, This is a Facial Trainer

This little facial trainer looks like an alien frog, but don’t be deceived. It provides enough microcurrent to make faces take notice and improve texture and facial contouring. I use it each evening, and I can feel the microcurrent (I have it set on medium power).

After a week’s use, I see my skin tone becoming more even, but I am hoping for more – much more. My skin is visibly aging, and I want to see the wrinkles and other unpleasant features of aging skin leave for good. I suspect it will take several months for this to happen, but this is what I’m hoping for. Right now, I’m using it daily, but after I get the results I want, I anticipate scaling back to every other day.

Does the microcurrent hurt? It’s noticeable and not very pleasant, but it does not cause much pain. Because I already had a TENS unit, I was not surprised by the tiny discomfort caused by the microburst.

The unit beeps when it’s done its job, so you know instantly when each stroke is complete. A video on the website will show you exactly where to place the unit and for how long. I find it very easy to use according to these instructions.

Overall, it’s a good unit that I hope will bring me extraordinary results like some of the photos on the website. I’ve taken “before” photos and will be able to tell how much my face is improving as I go through the process.

FIVE STARS! (Subject to revision according to my results)

I use this every day and I can see a ...

I use this every day and I can see a difference. I have the sagging chin and I can see that it has tightened up already.

Five Stars

Too soon to tell if really helping Works well-easy to handle and to use and recharge

The real deal!

Just purchased this and like it so far! Feel like I can see subtle results instantly! Easy to use. Plan to do the 5 minute lift each morning and the 20 minute more advanced lift on the weekend. Will be purchasing the eye and brow attachment soon!

Easy to Use with Immediate Benefits

My cousin had raved about this product for months, so I was excited to receive one as a Christmas gift. It's super easy to use and a sleek, easy to hold design. With only a five minute time commitment, it was easy to work into my nighttime face routine. After just a few uses, I already noticed a difference. My skin felt firmer, smoother, and glowed a bit more. After several months of use, I am still incredibly happy, and realize the great value of this product (both in terms of cost and benefit to my skin). As someone who lives and travels internationally for work, I love that it is dual voltage. I highly recommend!

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