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Tiger's owner
Great/beautiful rose

This so much more beautiful than can be described. It even comes in a beautiful box. I got this for my moms birthday and she loved it

Michael P

A single full bloom rose with a small thorn, preserved for the one you love to enjoy not for just a few days, but throughout the year. Right out of the box, it’s stunning. One word to describe this single rose: gorgeous. The crimson is radiant, very eye-catching and really lights up the room like a flame, especially when the light hits it. It is encased in a glass dome with scattered petals that appear loose, but they aren’t. There is a nice groove in the base that the dome rests in so that it does not slide off easily and break.

This would be an elegant gift for any woman, and it is delivered “gift ready” in a nicely padded black box with an “Active Love” bow. It appears like you could just slide the top off, but the bow does have to be undone first. The box is snug, so I had to cautiously lay it on its side to remove the top.

The one I received had two leaves with small bug bites on them, and it bugged me a little. I don’t know if that was meant to preserve the realism or just an oversight, but it is hardly noticeable and it did not take away from the overall beauty and presentation.

G. Ewing
Puto Eternal Rose Preserved Real Rose in Glass Dome, simply beautiful, makes a great gift

I was absolutely impressed with how beautiful and real this glass encased real rose looks. It is processed using a unique non-toxic preservation method, and hence the rose has a lifelike look. Just impressive. The rose and plant are kept in a glass dome on a wooden base.

The company states that preserved flowers are different from natural flowers and will stay fresh and not wither, and can be kept for 3 to 5 years. I cannot attest to the time span since I have had mine for only about 5 days, but the rose is beautiful and includes a few preserved roses fallen petals. This is a very beautiful quality item and I give it a 5-stars rating.

FiFi's Mom
Absolutely beautiful!

No picture can do justice to this beautiful red rose.
This is a ride caught at the very instant of its blooming beauty and them captured under a glass dome.
This is truly a great gift to give to the one you love and it will last and last.
Highly recommended.

Ritesh Shrestha
Perfect gift for your loved one

This is really nice gift to present to your spouse. Especially if Valentine's day is around corners your loved one is going to love this. The rose inside stands tall and is covered by a dome-shaped glass with a very sturdy stand. There are few petals that are out from the rose which is a really clever design as it looks authentic. The size is also just perfect. It came in a sturdy box protecting it from all sides. I would highly recommend this as a gift.

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