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Paula Conley
You should check them out!!

All of the products work just fine for me


Works great!!, it's been zapping away all those pesky

The usual bussiness

Seems to work pretty good. Still waiting to hear the screaming death cry of that annoying fly! I am tempted to set up the blink camera next to it so i can watch it on replay.

Chris G.
Cheap bug zapper is the right fit.

Sometimes you don't need a high end product to get the job done. This zapper is cheap, but well made, well enough to zap bugs in my garage, and it does a great job at that. It's worth what I paid, and that is pretty much where it counts.

No more gnats

I have been wanting a bug zapper for years. I finally got one this year because my house got filled with them this spring. I planted some aloe vera plants outside my front patio. I bought organic soil which basically was manure. You can smell the stench. I won't do this again for sure. All sorts of bugs were congregating near it every day. My cat likes to go for walks outside and plays The Great Escape every time I open the door. So I have no choice but coax her back in every time that happens. Guess what happens next? Many uninvited insects come in as well. The gnats are too small to see but they are attracted to the light and get killed in the wire inside. The outer wires keep you from touching the inner core. There is no smell. I highly recommend getting this. It's a plastic shell but looks very well built. This unit really works. I will submit some closer shots of the dead bugs when I am able to zoom in with my old iphone.

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