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Katherine Hull

Recommended by others, received the goods and looked at the packaging without damage, fully equipped, tried a bit, very effective

Sheriann Bricknell
Repels pests, and it's solar/powered!

I own a campground, and we have a problem with rodents and stray cats getting under campers that have skirting. We've tried everything. I bought this to give to a long/term guest who had been having a lot of problems with rodents and cats, as they are the camper closest to the field. They reported today that they've had no cats or mice in the 5 days they've been using this product. Big bonus is that it's solar, so no expensive batteries to replace! I'm going to order more to loan to our guests!!!

Jessica V.
Small but effective

Little device but seems to do the trick. I am a little worried the snow will block the solar panel but maybe not. I was having a problem with rabbits eating my plants and I am glad I bought this.

Great multi use for keeping critters out

Easy set up. Easy to use and now no predators are killing my chickens. Plus deer are not eating out of garden!!

S. Chang
It actually is working.

Squirrels around my house don't respect me at all. They walk across my patio every day. I tried many ways to get them away but all failed. This repeller actually is working. What magic. They seem to understand the "borders" suddenly. Now I have a peaceful mind and not to worry about them to intrude on my house by accident. You can choose different kinds of animals you wish to avoid and the sensitivity levels.
I am very happy.

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