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Geena D.
Well made and comfortable, accurate description.

These gloves are ideal for warmth and compression. The fingers expose only the very tip and allow me to type easily. The fabric is a good quality, cottony mid weight and washes well. Overall, well made and comfortable. The price is very fair.

Cynthia J.
Amazing gloves

I get hand pain from years of factory work doing the same motions over and over and these gloves kept me working without excruciating pain. I wouldn't have been able to use them had they not been fingerless as I need to be able to grip and grab papers and things so these are wonderful. I love them!

Holly C.
Great tension for hand pain

These are my first compression gloves. I have been suffering for a couple of years with arthritis in my fingers, wishing there was such a thing as compression gloves (I don't get out much). They are amazing! I'm limited in the medications I can take for pain and inflammation, and I was very surprised by how much these have reduced my pain and increased my functioning.

Rosemary D.
These gloves are a good fit for my hands

It fit perfect not too tight and not too loose. Great product because of the price and the pain relief. It supports and hugs your fingers when doing activities and does not hamper your dexterity. I suffered from pain in my thumb and the doctor recommended these gloves. My hands feel so much better now, totally recommend!

Lauren T
Very nice!

Gave these as a gift for my daughter with arthritis in her hands. She loves them! Really seem to help with warmth and support. She said the snuggness is very comfortable.

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