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Works great.

I have been using this for more than 7 months.
1. Exceptional battery life. Charged not more than 10 times in last 7 months.
2. Decent look.
3. Several watch faces to choose from, however the default one looks best.
4. Arert for calls, text and other applications can be configured though the Mi app.
1. I haven't found much issues with the smartwatch yet

Cathy White
Buy an DBS watch

I haved owned the DBS watch for 7 months now. I absolutely love the battery life as well as the quality.
I've owned several fitbits before purchasing this watch. I have lost them because they fall apart.
I love all the things you can do with this watch in addition to monitoring heart rate, activity, and sleep.
From my watch, I can view the weather for the next 5 days, set mutiple alarms, use a stopwatch or timer, and use as a compass.
From my watch, I can find my phone by making it ring. I can also turn on the flashlight on my phone by pressing the function button on my watch. Granted, some of these things are set up initially from apps on your phone, but once you set it up, you access them from your watch.
I have also played with changing the design of the watch face and love the many options.
The 2 apps I use are "Mi fit" and "Notify & Fitness for DBS watch".
The price is definitely a plus when compared to Fitbit.
The only thing I miss is that my friends are still on Fitbit and I can't compare stats with them. Oh well, maybe after they lose theirs, I can convince them to buy an DBS watch

Jason Bergstrom
Simple, but great watch

This is my first smart watch. I wanted something that would track workouts and enable me to check incoming messages. This watch tracks my runs without being connected to my phone, so I can use the phone for bluetooth headphones. I didn't need a watch with all the bells and whistles, like a camera or microphone or doodle messages. This watch fits the bill perfectly for me.
Battery hasn't been charged in a week and is still at 60%

The best and most practical smartwatch I have ever owned

This is hands down the best and most practical smartwatch I have ever owned. This is a true smartwatch that does exactly what a smartwatch is supposed to do smartly.
Battery life is more than 30days.
Always on display.
So many watch faces to choose from.
Get notifications from msgs and calls fully customizable.
Heartrate sensor.
Sleep monitoring. People ask me all the time about this watch and I have recommended it to them.
Unbeatable price for 70 dollars.
Highly recommended and I would give it 10stars if I could.

W. H.
Does the jobs that I need

Steps tracking, Big screen to easily see the time, Vibration when there is text or phone call.
Battery life is pretty decent. I didn’t wear it sleeping so the sleep tracking does not apply to me.

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