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Alex M
Totally ripped

Very nice pull up bar. I love the fact you can do wide grip or close grip pull ups, and chin ups with this. It also fits a fairly wide doorway that some models will not fit. It will mar up the door frame a little bit. There is just no way around that once you start swinging on it. The marring of the doorway is not too bad though. Just use it in a den or play room, and not in the formal living room area of the house. I Got this because I was disgusted with myself for my level of fitness and I just could not seem to carve out time and money to join a gym. Started out just doing some push-ups, and a handful of very difficult pull-ups per day. About week 3 I started to really notice I was pulling myself up with a lot more ease, and started adding more and more reps. I added some resistance band routines, and some core routines with a balance ball and now I’m doing a full fledged home workout without owning the first free weight. My wife and I started running too, and we feel and look much healthier. All this started with just buying this pull up bar and committing to use it. The key is don’t start out killing yourself. Just a handful per day will get you started, and use a chair or footstool to assist you if you need help doing that. The persistence will pay off.

Amanda S
My boys love it and one day I too will be fit ...

My boys love it and one day I too will be fit enough to do a pull up.

My 15 year old put it together. It took him about 30 minutes but he had moments of debating with his brother so that took up a bit of time. They wasted at least 10 minutes doing what brothers do when both want to lead.

Once it was put together we chose a door to put it on. It does come with brackets that allows the bar to be permanently placed over a door but it's just an option and we didn't need it. It fits snugly over the door and doesn't fall. My youngest takes a running leap to get on the bar and it hasn't fallen. Now worries there is a step stool in place now for him to use to prevent a possible fall.

The bar hasn't dented to door frame at all. There was no need for extra padding and wrapping towels on it but then again the heaviest person in our house is around 170 lbs. The bar is mostly for the boys and newith is yet 100 lbs. I'm not sure if weight is a factor in some of the other reviews I have seen when it bar had dented the door frames. I will be keeping an eye out to make sure it doesn't dent the doorframe but so far no dents for us.

I think this was worth my money. Happy with my purchase.

Kirby D.
Strongly made, holds together great, variety of hand positions. 1 hole misaligned & easy fix

The main horizontal crossbar, and it's connecting bars, are made well and strong. It has some weight to it, you can feel the sturdiness & solidness of the metal and the connecting places where screws hold things together (I used my own ratchet & socket). I guess the holding/support bar that goes up above the door frame could be made several inches longer so as to give a more spread-out distribution of the person's weight, but my door frame has been holding up just fine the way it is too. If you'd have any uncertainties about your own door frame, go easy at first by slowly taking your weight off your legs until all of you is on the bar. The multiple places to put your hands is fantastic, awesome variety of positions and widths apart for such a simple concept of an exercise device, this makes the exercise benefit more extensive.

The one and only flaw in the particular one I got is that a pair of screw holes in one bar was misaligned from the pair of holes in the bar it connected to, so a very simple fix is all it took by using my drill which I've included 2 pictures to show how simple that was.

And oh yes, one last wonderfully thought-out detail: a few replacement screws are included in their own bag just in case something goes wrong with the screws that are already counted out for how many it needs, and I decided for kicks to include a picture of that too. :-)

Great Buy, Sturdy Build, Great Price. Check Adjacent walls in addition to doorway width

Great Buy, Sturdy Build, Great Price. I'm impressed with the quality considering nearly identical models cost $59 - $99.

Ultimately I had to return, only because the 30" closet doorway where I wanted to hang this had an adjacent wall that conflicted with padded doorframe bar. If the vertical anchor points were just a few inches closer together (~25" rather than ~27") it would have worked in my door location.

Reminder to potential buyers: Check your Adjacent walls in addition to the doorway width. I'm writing this review just to share this reminder with others, and to recommend this product if your doorway doesn't have adjacent walls.

Rob B
Great product

Ok I love this chin up bar. Easy to install. Very sturdy. Really liking the firm grips. One thing though, nothing wrong with the product but something to watch for, when you hang on one side it tightens the bar (makes it longer, thus pushes the door frame apart). When you hang on the other side it loosens the bar (makes it shorter and can eventually fall out of the end pieces). We unknowingly tightened ours so much that it broke the sheet rock above the door frame and separated the door frame at the corners. We thought our house was breaking in half. Would definitely buy again.

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